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PrimaGlue™ is an amazing, patented, one-part PVC cement and In a matter of minutes it actually cold welds your PVC pipe and fittings creating a bond that is actually stronger than the pipe and fitting itself!

  • PrimaGlue™ has virtually no odor. No more headaches, nausea or wooziness under the kitchen sink.
  • PrimaGlue™ is the only DOT Non-Flammable PVC Cement, so you can safely ship or mail it.
  • PrimaGlue™ is tougher than the pipe itself. It meets or exceeds ASTM and IAPMO R&T Standards.
  • PrimaGlue™ is the only PVC Cement that meets ASTM F656-02 for use as a primer and ASTM D2564-02 for use as a cement.
  • PrimaGlue™ cleans up with water unlike other PVC cements that require acetone to remove.

“What Users Are Saying”

Hands down the best product i have ever used for adhering PVC applications . . . Easy to work with if directions are followed. Plenty of time for proper placement of pieces, etc. . . .Any areas missed around edges can be touched up with any excess wiped away with a damp cloth. My primary job was adding PVC number plates and D-rings to my PVC inflatable kayak. It has been more than 4 months since application and all parts are adhering perfectly . . .

Wasn't sure how an "all in one" primer and glue would work. Worked great and has more set time which helped me with a couple of complicated multiple joints. I'll be using this from now on!

Used it in 2 places fixing my automatic sprinkler system. It's been a week now and everything is holding up. Don't know how long the can will last before becoming gel but the typical PVC glues gel up as well. Hadn't used my old PVC glue in like 5 years and it had become gel. If this has not become gel in the next 3-5 years I'll be happy. While it does not require primer I used my leftover primer when using this, no problems.

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