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Gorilla PVC Cement is an amazing, patented, one-part PVC cement. For a complete description, see Gorilla PVC Cement Specifications.


In a matter of minutes it actually cold welds your PVC pipe and fittings creating a bond that is actually stronger than the pipe and fitting itself!


No, you don’t need a primer unless your local plumbing code requires you to use one. A primer can be used with Gorilla PVC Cement without weakening the joint. But physically, the bond that you get with Gorilla PVC Cement is extremely strong without the use of a separate primer. Why? The virtually odorless solvent used in Gorilla PVC Cement is much more aggressive than that in a conventional PVC cement, acting every bit like a conventional primer as far as bonding power.


Absolutely not! We have run freeze-thaw testing on the cement repeatedly (taken 20 times down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit above zero, allowed to thaw out, then repeated) and can detect no change in the viscosity or holding power of the cement.


The liquid residue is the leftover mild solvent that remains when the pvc in the cement dries and cold welds the pieces together. The residual solvent will eventually evaporate, or can be washed away with water or wiped off. Excess adhesive can be neutralized by flushing the pipe with water right after gluing in order to exclude problems resulting from too much cement inside the pipe joint.


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